Me & You BOY (English Version) - ArtJunkies
Me & You BOY (English Version) - ArtJunkies

Me & You BOY (English Version)

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The two figures, a boy and a girl, are like screens onto which we project every boy and girl, as well as the ones we used to be.
The boy holds a ball in one hand while his other hand is in his pocket. By keeping his hand in the pocket, his posture projects social passivity.
This artistic characterization of the figures has a universal aspect that speaks about the human condition on a general level. It aims to express the basic human need for participation in the community and society.
  • Name: Me & You BOY DE
  • Edition of 50
  • Artist: Eran Shakine
  • Size: 102cm / 72cm
  • Paper Type: Paper Munken Lynks 240 g
  • City: TLV, Israel
*All the artwork is personally signed by the artist or relevant authority Artwork does not come with passepartout or frame
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Eran Shakine is an Israeli artist, painter, illustrator and sculptor. He studied Art History, at Tel Aviv University and later began his studies at the art school École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lived in New York, where he was granted fellowship of "Art Matters" and was the assistant to CoBrA avant-garde movement artist, Karl Appel.