Me & You GIRL (English Version) - ArtJunkies
Me & You GIRL (English Version) - ArtJunkies

Me & You GIRL (English Version)

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The two figures, a boy and a girl, are like screens onto which we project every boy and girl, as well as the ones we used to be.
The girl spins a hula hoop; she is metaphorically trapped inside a limited framed space and can only spin around herself. The hoop blocks her from the outside world. 
This artistic characterization of the figures has a universal aspect that speaks about the human condition on a general level. It aims to express the basic human need for participation in the community and society.
  • Name: Me & You GIRL DE
  • Edition of 50
  • Artist: Eran Shakine
  • Size: 102cm / 72cm
  • Paper Type: Paper Munken Lynks 240 g
  • City: TLV, Israel
*All the artwork is personally signed by the artist or relevant authority. Artwork does not come with passepartout or frame
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Eran Shakine is an Israeli artist, painter, illustrator and sculptor. He studied Art History, at Tel Aviv University and later began his studies at the art school École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He lived in New York, where he was granted fellowship of "Art Matters" and was the assistant to CoBrA avant-garde movement artist, Karl Appel.